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Network for Underground/Emerging Artists

Just a way to meet others..

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This is a little network for underground and or emerging artists.
Please do not join this group to solely promote yourself, as its true focus is getting acquainted with other artists around the world. Also, serious artists only please.. and please don't join if you don't want to network.

Networking means To interact or engage in informal communication with others for mutual assistance or support.
Please feel free to share info and opportunities to fellow members, or individuals you think my be interested.
Network however you want. Promote others who are not members, invite others. Just share.

Censorship does not apply; however, please put big graphic nudity under a cut if you can for safety.

You do not have to apply, membership is open- but please do introduce yourself, and include the following:

♥Your name you go by as an artist
♥What you do (sing, paint, draw, rap, act, etc..)
♥Some samples
♥What you are doing to reach your goal (optional, but helps for getting proper support from others)
♥url and/or email address
♥anything else you find important..

Introducing yourself is key to networking, as well as noting fellow artists..

Help eachother, share info, share work, ask questions, someone might have an answer for you. Don't be affraid to ask for what you're looking for.. and don't be affraid to answer back either.